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Serving Westside of L.A. since 2009

(310) 899 -0077

"Optometric EYEsite is the best eye care experience in LA! Dr. Chiu and her receptionist Linh are extremely helpful, detailed, and easy to work with. Dr. Chiu's office is modern, clean, and super easy to find. You can even park in their dedicated spot -. Her equipment is completely up-to-date, and the examination is easy and accurate. Definitely recommend them to anyone in the area in need of a new eye doctor!"

-Anna B., Beverly Hills


Optometric EYEsite is a team of professionals devoted to helping people see better.  Established in 2009 by Dr. Chiu, the EYEsite team has continually sought opportunities to elevate standard of care for patients in Los Angeles Westside. The EYEsite practice debuts emerging technologies- process automation, mobile, bluetooth and wavefront diagnostics- to optimize the smooth delivery of quality, precision care for vision and contact lens exams ; eye traumas, ocular diseases and post-Lasik managements. EYEsite team members are well-trained, enthused and cordially responsive to  patients' needs. Dr. Chiu is accepting new patients for general vision exams, contact lens services and treatment of ocular diseases.

Eye Exam


EYEsite is the ultimate one-stop-shop for quality vision services in Los Angeles Westside: It features cutting-edge lensmaker that delivers prescriptions glasses in one hour! Eyesite houses a huge collections of stylish frames and sunglasses suitable for various lifestyles and budgets options.  With innovation, attentive expertise and quality as its core values for services, EYEsite is nothing short of curated awesome!  Eyes are for life, so why not maintain healthy eyes under the care of Dr. Chiu and her incredible team!  

We Unleash Vision Potential!
Staffs work hard to wow our patients!
Welcome to Optometric EYEsite WLA!
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What is Dilation? 

Why is a Dilated Eye Exam Important?


At the doctor's office, a dilation procedure allows a complete check of the health inside one's eyes during a routine eye exam. It is one critical way for doctor to detect eye diseases many of which are asymptomatic. Early detection and diagnoses of eye conditions result in timely treatment management and prevent complications. For young, healthy individuals less than 40 years of age, a dilated eye exam is usually recommended every 1-2 years.  

What Contacts are FDA-Cleared for Safety?


In the United States, only an eye doctor can issue and dispense prescription contacts that are approved by the FDA. The process begins with a contact lens evaluation by the doctor to permit the safe and proper fitting of lens design for one's comfort and clear seeing.  Measurements of eyes, vision, and eye health will all be gathered to qualify one's candidacy for the use and design of contacts lens.

Why Say No to OTC Contacts?

How Eyeglasses Work?

How Do Lenses Correct Vision Problems?


Clear vision involves having lights properly bent by eye tissues and focused on the inside of the eyes. In eyes that  do not function to focus lights properly, different lens can help by enhancing the eyes focusing ability.




" Dr Chiu is great! She pays attention to all her patients. Unlike other doctors that we've seen before, Dr Chiu has a pharmacist background. She knows the side effects and if it's suitable with the current med that you're taking. It helps with my mom's case cuz she's taking many different drugs. She's a detail oriented person and most importantly, she CARES about her patients. I'm glad she finally opened her business on the westside!"    


-SC, Playa del Rey


"I ❤️ EYEsite!" 

"Dr. Chiu is my favorite!"   -MS, Inglewood, June 12, 20

MS is seeing and feeling his best in his new Prada sunglasses!

He is game for sun, beach & biking! 


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