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A few reviews from some of our patients at EYESITE: 

Testimonial 1


" Dr Chiu is great! She pays attention to all her patients. Unlike other doctors that we've seen before, Dr Chiu has a pharmacist background. She knows the side effects and if it's suitable with the current med that you're taking. It helps with my mom's case cuz she's taking many different drugs. She's a detail oriented person and most importantly, she CARES about her patients. I'm glad she finally opened her business on the westside!"    -SC, Playa del Rey

Testimonial 2


" I have been wearing glasses since I was 5th grade and have seen many optometrists.  What makes Dr. Chiu different from the other optometrists are her willingness to explain and her thoroughness in her examinations.  I went in expecting the usual hustle and bustle but instead I received a complete eye care experience.  Dr. Chiu not only focuses on the present eye condition, she also emphasizes on preventative measures for the future.  The machines in her lab are all modern and new, no doubt top of the line.  With the other places,  usually the customer service ends after the eye exam with the doctor.  But at Optometric Eyesite, the experience did not stop there.  The staff, along with Dr. Chiu herself, helped me with my frame selection.  They picked out several choices to go with my face shape.  It's like having a personal shopper. Love it!  So when I left OE, I am full of new knowledge of what is going on with my eyes, what I should do in the future, and also new fashion sense of what goes well with my face.   Oh, and because there is an in-house lab so I got my glasses with fast turnaround.  It is a refreshing experience.    I am glad to have found one stop eye care provider. "   -AZ, Los Angeles

Testimonial 3


"What personal and phenomenal service! V.I.P. service as soon as I walked in. It never felt like i was rushed to get everything done, and I got my glasses the same day without an appointment. (and i have progressive lenses) I highly recommend coming here. I don't think you can find a better optometrist like Dr. Chiu!"   -EM, Santa Monica

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